Im a back door man.

Im 15 and im open to many things in life. Im the behind kid, Im funny, creppy, and you might think im a werido lol, well i live in Santa ana CA in orange counttty well im going to school i love building things fixing cars so im a mopar freak. I love to do it right the first time.

Early in the morning and I got a stick up my ass thanks mom!!

The moon and the stars

day by day we sit to hold each other threw the night we feel no warmth, our hearts have no beat. we have no pulse our drug is the earth, Our blood is water. We have no god nor religion we believe in the moon and the stars for they bright in the  and and when in the day the sun our greatest star in our solar system weeps to be with moon. this love is going to last unless its me and you 

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